For almost 70 years the company Gries, with the head office located in the south of Munich, presents its outstanding developments in such fields as execution of molds and manufacturing of tools, as well as processing of metal and polymer materials.

Clients of GRIES, both nationally and internationally, rate it very high for its economic and innovating support throughout the entire cycle, as the secret of cost effectiveness of serial manufacturing begins from the stage of development. Gries is a competent partner, who provides support to its clients from the initial idea, elaborated execution of a tool to completion of serial manufacturing.

The specialty of GRIES is its hybrid production.

40 years back the company recognized the significance of this technology and started to develop it, so currently the company boasts essential competence in this area, as well as the equipment specially selected for these purposes and easily adaptable for the needs of production.

For today GRIES is an established German family-owned medium-sized enterprise which offers to its clients special competence built throughout decades, coupled with the latest technologies. From one generation to another, working hand in hand, the company built up traditions, knowledge and wisdom for changes that take place in the global market. In addition, the client benefits from unique flexibility of production.

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